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2000 Nok (MEGO 039 CD / 4Bit Productions MP3)

nok cover. strange aliens with more than 2 eyes have arrived on earth and take pictures with cameras with more than one lens. this is definitely nok.

Debut release by young vienna based sound artist Uli Troyer. If there remains time between cooking and inviting friends for dinner, Uli works on soundtracks for imaginary cartoons using digital errors combining them with organic sounds and rhythms of the kitchen. “An 18 odd minute gem from this Vienna based sound/installation artist and co-designer of the lovely monochrom ‘white long-sleeve leiberl with hand-sewn soft-touch buttons’ who along with Maryanne Amacher, Kevin Drumm, SND, Ryoki Ikeda, Marcus Schmickler, Yasunao Tone, Dat Politics, Kaffe Matthews, Radian, and Matmos received an Honorary Mention in the Digital Musics category at the Prix Ars Electronica 2000. A surprisingly polyrhythmic (i.e. almost ‘techno’ if not completely un-followable) array of crystalline digital clips and sub bass pulses, a high precipice in the recent Mego mountain.” -- Hrvatski.

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