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Ulrich Troyer - DOLOMITE DUB (180g Vinyl w/ CD and DL-Code)

Internationally distributed via Kudos, London (UK)

"Vienna based musician Ulrich Troyer may be best known as a member of The Vegetable Orchestra, but since the 2011 launch of his Songs For William series he’s also been the purveyor of a uniquely cultured dub style. Divided into four movements, Dolomite Dub is his most adventurous exploration of a modern dub genre to date. Mixing live instrumentation with his own bank of FX manipulations, noise and found sound, he has entered the musical zones of place, cracks and slides of ice, shifts in the brittle landscape, cavernous space and stomach-churning drops captured on his seven day alpine hike across the Dolomites. Here he voyages beyond dub invention into pure experience.To be filed alongside the best of Pole." 
- Steve Barker, The Wire, March 2019 - issue 421 (UK)

"It’s mesmeric, with a tangible calming influence and a fantastic attention to texture and detail that rewards repeat listens. It’s early doors so far but it seems likely this will be one of my favourite albums of the year." 
- Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K. (US)

"This is some excellent stuff, a fine blend of such extreme opposites such as dub, field recordings and improvised music. I couldn't offhand think of anyone else doing a something similar and that is perhaps a great accomplishment." 
- FdW, vital weekly 1166, VITALWEEKLY (NL)

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